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Wwe wrestlers dating 2016

“But when we released the trailer last month and saw how well it did socially and on our digital networks, we realized we had underestimated the fandom of Ric and this story.

Once we saw the trailer take off so well, we thought “This might be bigger than we thought.

“We don’t have any in production right now but we are really enthused about working with WWE and their athletes. It can’t just be, 'We have to do WWE again.' It has to be who is the right storyteller, the right subject and is this the right time to do it.” On that note, I decided to put together my own list of wrestling subjects who would make for compelling 30 for 30's.

Piper’s backstory (he was born in Saskatoon, Canada and worked the Pacific Northwest territories as a young performer) has plenty of grist and he was in the middle of the WWE’s morphing into popular culture in the 1980s (thanks, MTV), which helped produce wrestling’s explosion.

He had a successful foray in Hollywood and his later years with the WCW during the Monday Night Wars adds another element to a can’t miss doc.

The success of the Flair film should prompt a question for ESPN Films executives (and other high-end sports documentary film house): Will we see more pro wrestling stories get the high-end documentary treatment?

For me, this is a no-brainer: They absolutely should, especially given the compelling material out there.

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