Women wet panties physical dating thread

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I grew up here as a 1st gen with immigrant parents and always thought I would end up with someone like me. I have never dated American guys (who are not from an immigrant family) till recently and I am VERY lost in the process.

It wasn't one of "I tried, but dem womenz be crazies." It had no passion or emotion in it. A theory about whether men have "unlimited energy" when it comes to the pursuit of women, or if there's a finite amount of energy and men will inevitably stop their pursuit. Of course, while the fact men do burn out had consequences for my friend Craig, they also have consequences for women in his market. And one of those proverbial "good men" women are always looking for.I'll never understand the people who constantly get retarded and engage in the "woooing" he speaks of.I guess can some people can just let themselves go and not care more easily than others.I get a real chuckle out of all this "burn out" rhetoric. Because men realize that they must work with stubborn objects like metal or nanoparticles or numbers or pussy throughout their lives -- that this is their destiny -- they have a deep longing to give up, to declare a permanent holiday, to claim themselves to be "burned out".As soon as men are past their most immediate youth, they are hungry to consider themselves "old". There is a great desire in men for laxity, for the prerogative of the old to just kick back in those "PJs".

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And in some Mediterranean cultures, civilizations that really old, this is a real and serious thing.

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