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Emilia's imagination was suddenly ignited like something out of an old Walt Disney movie. Too much self-indulgent/navel-gazing monkey business? The K Club, of course, is used to glamour of a certain style.

It has played host to Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco and their family (who flew in from the principality on their royal private jet), and more recently pop superstar Justin Bieber with his entourage, and more recently still, American rapper Gucci Mane.

On April 11, 1994, Liam Gallagher gave every young kid, from the council estates to the leafy hamlets, a personalised mantra that still rings brilliantly true to this day: "I need to be myself/I can't be no one else." I'd be in that darkest of dark places, a night without end, my head bursting with the worst thoughts imaginable, were such a thing to happen to my daughter. I couldn't imagine living in a world without her, without her laughter.

After a while, though, it becomes slightly tedious.

There's a difference between being posh and being rich. What I do know for sure is that Wicklow is packed with well-to-do and well-bred Anglo-Irish grandees and aristo/artistic creatures. That's the trait Robbie Williams most deplores in himself.

The pop star loved by millions upon millions of fans around the world proves in a long conversation that he is a complex and - by...

Some movie stars, when their multi-million dollar budget film comes out, have a glass of Chardonnay and enjoy the moment.

In 2004, when Oliver Stone's epic Alexander was released, Colin Farrell received such a critical mauling for his performance in the title role that he got drunk out of his mind and vanished on a plane to Lake Tahoe.

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Steve Jobs said he believed that life is an intelligent thing: that things aren't random.

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  1. But I am sure I will be back again, in there next week or so, hoping.. In architecture, going even as far back as medieval times, gargoyles were put on buildings and walls to warn, or scare off anyone that didn't belong to, or know the area or compound they were approaching..