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One of the world’s most eligible bachelors is officially off the market.

Britain’s Prince Harry is engaged to American actress Meghan Markle, Kensington Palace announced in a statement Monday. The venue was not immediately revealed with royal officials saying more details would be announced “in due course.” Markle stars in the TV drama “Suits,” now in its seventh season on the USA cable network.

The head of Mermaids was invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace, where Prince Harry praised its “amazing” work.

On their way back from Quidditch practice, Harry and Ron run into Ginny and Dean Thomas kissing in the entranceway to the common room. Ron starts screaming at Ginny, and she erupts, accusing Ron of never having kissed a girl.

Harry is worried about the way he is starting to feel about Ginny and tries to assure himself that he’s only being protective of his best friend’s sister.

Ron saves goals with ease, and Harry catches the Snitch and ends the game.

Hermione once again angrily accuses Harry of lacing Ron’s juice with Felix Felicis.

Harry is trying to do the honorable, selfless thing by pretending his feelings for Ginny are nothing more than brotherly.

Again, Harry displays his willingness to make sacrifices to ensure the happiness of his best friend.

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