Validating children

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However, measuring this intricate concept among children in early childhood requires an age-appropriate measurement instrument.Chaplin and John () have taken the first step in finding an age-appropriate instrument by using collages to measure materialism among children in early childhood.There are three main advantages of the MVS-c over the collage measurement.Firstly, the close-ended scale is more time-efficient than the collage while measuring young children’s materialism.

Children’s advertising exposure is higher than ever before, amplifying concerns about the commercial pressure placed on children and about the potential negative effects of advertising (Buijzen and Valkenburg ).Research has shown that not only children in middle childhood, but even children in early childhood may value the possession of material goods (Goldberg and Gorn ) found that they actually have an understanding of the value of possessions based on social significance.While younger children in particular are deemed more susceptible to the influence of advertising (Buijzen et al.Although several measurement scales were developed to measure the construct among older children and adolescents (e.g., Bottomley et al.) (i.e., material centrality, material happiness, and material success).

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Just as the original MVS, the scale consists of three subscales including six items each.