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For more specifics on these commands, and those used to accomplish the tasks described above, see the sources of information already mentioned — the Gnu PG Web site, Gnu PG's help information, and my Gnu PG Quickstart/Howto.

Since it's Valentine's Day today, you can use Gnu PG to send virtual "whispers" to your loved ones, encrypted so that nobody else can read them.

It automatically detects mods in conflict and provides straightforward methods for resolution via Priorities.

The modder is also given the ability to have multiple profiles for quick swapping between different modded setups.

The toolset includes a "keyring" that can be used to manage your private and public encryption keys.When you need to encrypt a file for another recipient, you will need that person's public key and should import it into your Gnu PG keyring.Once you have everything set up, encrypting and decrypting files is only a matter of simple shell commands.Once it is installed, you need to know how to use the Gnu PG tools.There is, of course, the Gnu PG Web site's documentation, as well as a command syntax summary for the The following is a quick rundown on basic functionality, however.

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Mod Organizer by Tannin (Tannin42 on the Nexus) is an advanced mod manager for Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

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