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Share nasty sex chat

As an elementary school teacher, it is never appropriate to show cleavage or thigh in school, but there are no rules about how tight my clothes are allowed to be. I looked down shyly, because I was suddenly feeling an intense desire to be closer to him.

So ever since I began developing my "pregnancy curves," I figured I might as well flaunt them! " Of course, I hadn't told anyone at work about my pregnancy yet. Not having had an orgasm in nearly a month, my body seemed to be falling subject to instinctive desires (not worrying about my husband, who would be arriving home soon to start making dinner).

I would reward them by giving them mind blowing Suck jobs.

Never missing an inch of cock, balls and yes even their ass…Swallowing their thick loads of cum.

I am an elementary school teacher who lives a quiet, content life in a small town.

My husband is a very kind and intelligent man, who works in an office and has never failed to make me feel safe and loved.

I had on a pink cardigan, buttoned up to the top, and a pearl necklace.

He simply wants to pamper me with massages and warm baths.

I know I shouldn't be complaining, but what I really want right now is for him to show me that he still desires me sexually. After school today, I went about my usual end-of-the-day business: checking my e-mail and responding to parents' messages, getting my lessons ready for tomorrow's classes, and making photocopies of student worksheets.

I was always the life of the party, shamelessly flirting with every frat guy I met and having the time of my life, night after night.

Now, ten years later, my life has calmed down quite a bit.

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Its as if he and I both know that the ring on my finger forbids us from ever being together, which makes it even more desirable.

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