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Sex dating in harlem georgia

Alaska, after the move, has to remind Kim that he is the boss of the household.

Tina is starting to get annoyed with Tarz breaking the baby-making schedule constantly.

Kim talks with her father and asks for advice on how to control Alaska's dominance with making decisions.

Later, the couples celebrate Valentine’s Day each in their own special way. Kathryn becomes boss of the tanning salon John just purchased.

The duo bounce between Los Angeles and New York City as they balance their marriage and careers.

Tina and Kathryn receive the results regarding, only two months after their weddings.

They both feel that their husbands don't feel the same way about the idea of becoming parents.

Alaska and Kim are able to spice up their relationship after not seeing each other — but once they separate coasts, things go south.

Erik and Nadine get married after knowing each other for only seven months.

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At the five month mark, the couples are starting to get into a schedule with each other. John has lost physical attraction to Kathryn, which causes insecurities to lash out.

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