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” To be honest, I was surprised at 5, I do not think all Punjabi boys want 5 children and nor do I think it is wrong, but again the expectation that ‘This is what I want – therefore it will happen.’ Is a very male controlling state of mind.Also, coming from a family of four kids and one child being special needs, I always felt we were a ‘big’ family.After the 3rd or so time of Sundeep skipping out of his kitchen whilst I cooked, I realised, right, time to confront this.I asked him why he left the kitchen whenever we had decided ‘to cook together.’ And his response was ‘Oh I thought you liked doing this for me.’ Now, I know this is because at home he is used to being ‘served’ by his mum and sisters, but again this expectation of the female ‘serving’ the male is an inherited Punjabi ideology.

Of course, I feel it is important to be there for your children and I hope I will be, but I also do not think it is fair in this day and age to feel parenting is solely a mothers job.I always knew I craved more attention from my parents, and, as a teacher, I notice most kids in big families have attention seeking tendencies.So, I have never been inclined to have a big family as I would like to nurture the few children (Guru may bless us with) with as much love as we can financially and physically can.I believe we can have some practical choices in how many children we want, however I recognise that ultimately Guru chooses for us. Since being married, many males (AND females) have asked what I cook for him when he comes home.They are taken by surprise when I mention, “Actually, he tends to come home before me/we like cooking together” There is a huge expectation still from both males and females that the female will ‘tend to the needs’ of the male.

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This gender discrimination is still prominent today (in the east and west) even if the media are painting a picture that females have liberation.

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