Midget cams

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Midget cams

114-040 Slot Drive Oil Pump, 948 - 1098cc This is the standard pump as fitted originally to the 948cc A engines.The three bolt mounting fits 948cc and 1098cc engines.6-cyl TR NOTE: We now have a NEW chilled iron cam blanks for TR6, TR250 and GT6. Any of the Spitfire or Midget 1500 cams may be ground on a new blank. For example, an autocross application needs power in low to mid-range, so a cam that doesn't start to produce power until 4500 rpm would not be the right choice for this application.Any of the 6 cylinder cams may be ground on a new blank. "We did everything we could, and we couldn't find a way to do it, that's all.They played very well, at the end of the second period we were dominating there, and we missed two or 3 chances to go up, and that was the difference.

When the days are dark and nothing makes you hot remember about x Hamster's Midget Porn!

114-034 Slot Drive Oil Pump, 1275cc This is the standard pump as fitted originally to the 1275cc A engines.

It is an improvement over the earlier 1275cc star drive pump.

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Put a little more performance in your engine with a new steel billet performance cam!

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