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From the beginning, Granger pulls no punches and his in your face style of living shows on every page; from regular sex with an older, married teacher whilst still in high school, to being expelled from a succession of educational institutions and getting into trouble, seemingly on a never-ending basis.In fact, initially I found it hard to like him, even if I had to admire his remarkable propensity for falling on his feet after each scrape, a trait that would serve him well as a paratrooper.What the reader is left with, as I alluded to earlier, is an overwhelming sense of awe at the endurance of these brave young men, barely out of school, yet thrust into a war they had no way of avoiding, and doing their jobs well and to the best of their ability.The insanity of it all can best be described in two events in the book.Apart from the standard counter-insurgency activities of Fireforce operations, ambushing and patrols, to contact and destroy SWAPO guerillas, he was involved in several massive South African Defence Force conventional cross-border operations such as Protea, Daisy and Ceiling into Angola to take on FAPLA (Angolan troops) and their Cuban and Soviet allies. Piet Massyn - 2010-02 Just finished your book 19 with a Bullet It is right up there with Chickenhawk, The 13th Valley and Forgotten Soldier..." Other Wars on Terrorism Charles D.Melson, chief historian The Rhodesian Light Infantry: Africa's Commandos.This was both in the counter-insurgency and conventional roles, and was brutal, even visceral at times.

That these experiences deeply affected Granger Korff, and continue to do so to this day, is never in doubt, yet at no point in his story does he complain at his lot.

First impressions can be false though, and I am pleased to say that mine were in this instance.

Any person who has had to endure what the author and his comrades did, through tough training and later on a succession of external operations into Angola in 1981, will have to admire his human spirit and endurance under extreme duress.

Emphasis was placed on the integration of small units, with superior communications, supported by close air support to close with and destroy terrorist and guerillas.

Manned by volunteers, conscription from national service requirements provided most enlistees.

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The first of these is when he and his Valk returned from weeks of foot slogging through Angola, where they had done some hard fighting and were sorely in need of rest and peace.

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