Decoding womans dating behaviour Chat with hot girls no credit card numbers

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Decoding womans dating behaviour

However, this method is highly flawed because of two reasons: 1. They’ll tell the guy what he wants to hear or what will make them look good rather than the naked truth; many times without even realizing.

There are certain traits that come off as (primarily) masculine, just as there are certain traits that come off as (primarily) feminine.Of course, every woman is different, but there is definitely on overarching theme in women’s desires regarding men.So, if you’re asking yourself “what do women want in a man? I believe that above all, women truly want and react emotionally strongly to these traits: Yes, it’s true.Confidence is, by far, one of the most attractive traits you can have.The men that I know who are very successful with women are very different, but the one quality they noticeably have in common is a high dose of confidence.

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This is why I always encourage men to take on interesting hobbies, to try new things, to constantly challenge themselves and to do things they are passionate about. Okay; at this point you may be asking yourself: but what about money, looks and fame?

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