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This prevents the watches from being dropped or easily stolen.The first pocket watches also included a protective cover that prevented the face from becoming scratched or shattered.In the late 1830s, the first American pocket watches were produced using machine-made parts.There are 2 basic styles of pocket watches available: open-face and hinged.Explore these veterans of the Great War through this fascinating read.Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ | 440 photos | 176 pp ISBN13: 9780764347115 | Binding: hard cover Stan Czubernat was born in Delaware and shortly thereafter his family moved to the Chicago area only about an hour away from Elgin, Illinois.He has restored over one thousand antique trench watches and wrist watches, his favorites being Elgin’s “Star Dial Series” and RED 12’s.

Whether you’re an avid watch collector or just an individual interested in the history of the pocket watch, there’s a long and interesting story behind how one of the world’s most popular accessories came into existence ) and have incorporated new types of technology to make them more accurate.

Watch production spread to the rest of the world, gaining popularity rapidly.

Early pocket watches only had an hour hand as the minute hand did not appear on the clock face until the late 17th century.

Replacing a broken hunter glass is difficult as it must be high enough to not interfere with the arms of the watch, but low enough not to impede the cover.

Typically, the glass of a hunter style watch is only 0.4mm to 0.5mm thick, so it winds up being quite fragile.

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Pocket watches with built-in gadgets are also popular amongst watch collectors as the added gadget tells a story about the time during which the pocket watch was produced and in use.

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