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I am not taking any medications aside from Salbutomol for a recent asthma attack... I was recently checked for diabetes as I'm also feeling tired a lot, but I'm not.I had wondered if it was alcohol related, because I've had the shakes after drinking.I have been through an extremely stressful period since summer, but those situations have calmed down now, and my tremors have come on since the stress eased off.I am reasonably healthy and cannot see a reason for this to start happening. i am a 31 yr old male and recently started to get weakness in my arms and shaking in my hands after exerting them in 'normal' activities. about a month ago my doctor put me on zoloft, but i stopped after having insomnia for a week.Is it possible that the stress and anxiety that I have been through could have manifested itself in my hands (and what feels like my arms)and make them shake? i got changed to nortriptyline and then amitriptyline and buspar, but it didn't help my insomnia.

I started getting stabbing/burning pains in my chests, back, shoulders and breasts which only added to my anxiety.

during these times i've been on these medications i felt the arm/hand tremors worsening.

i've also felt more tense throughout my entire body. could the medications i've been taking caused these tremors?

Perhaps I've eaten something which has caused the tremors? Hello, I started becoming very anxious about my health over 2 months ago when a close friend was diagnosed with cancer.

I know with MSG and caffiene I used to get the shakes (I've stopped caffiene now), so maybe its chocolate or the crisps? I cant recall getting tremors when I'm at home (morning after a drink aside). Maybe the exercise I started doing last night has caused it to be unusually bad today? seems that Salbutomol causes hand tremors and I just used that a little before the tremors. I got a chest infection and started imagining it was something much worse.

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Have been to the docctors, the neurologists several times but they say i have "normal neurological symptoms" and all my figures look perfectly healthy.