Alyson michalka dating 2016

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Alyson michalka dating 2016

When a gunman killed five Amish children and injured five others in a Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania schoolhouse shooting in October of 2006, the world media attention rapidly turned from the tragic events to the extraordinary forgiveness demonstrated by the Amish community.Through the eyes of a grieving mother, Ida Graber, and other devastated families, this movie explores the Amish's astonishing reaction to the horrific shootings - of forgiveness and compassion.Over the summer, she is exposed to another world, finds friendship and more.Soon she must choose and come to terms with the life she wants." The Amish don't allow photos of themselves to be taken and as such, the local media knows how to shoot them (ie from behind or from a distance) in order to allow them some space.For those of you who think this was a correct portrayal of the Amish, just remember it was very skewed to make a more compelling movie, however, with this story nothing needed to be added or changed to tell a heartbreaking story.They tried to make Ida more like a modern, non-Amish woman in her personality in order to make it easier for those of us outside the Amish lifestyle to understand her better.

From the little things, Amish don't have curtains on their windows or decorative plates in their homes, to larger issues, no Amish person spoke on camera to the media, they had a spokesperson.The Amish community pulled together and wanted to handle this tragedy on their own, with no outside help.They never turned to the media, only sending statements through a spokesperson when the media wouldn't leave them alone.The group of grandfathers who went to Roberts' house never spoke to the media, nor would they!They asked people to stop sending money, but millions of dollars came in.

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But things change when she goes to Hollywood and gets a glimpse of the world beyond.